Music City Aarhus 2022 Radar Puljer
The picture is from a concert at Radar, a venue that has received funding from Music City Aarhus 2022. Athletic Progression, who performs on the picture, is not a part of the project that Radar has received funding for. Photo by Tue Salberg Bak.


35 unique musical projects have been chosen to receive funding by Music City Aarhus 2022. All chosen projects will take place in Aarhus, and can be experienced during 2022.

35 unique musical projects have been chosen to receive funding by Music City Aarhus 2022. All chosen projects will take place in Aarhus, and can be experienced during 2022.

In August, Music City Aarhus 2022 opened the first round of applications for funding. The fund allocates subsidies for selected projects taking place in 2022. The fund has two programmes, with two different themes: 1) Growth layer and talent development. 2) Collaborative projects between established musical actors in Aarhus. The two programmes received a total of 93 applications of which 35 were chosen to be granted funding.

“In the first round of applications, we funded projects that not only shows great artistic potential, but also contains diversity, both in relation to representation, genres, geographical location, access and availability, and who have an innovative approach”, says Rikke Østergaard, member of the curatorial group for the growth layer and talent development programme. Rikke Østergaard is a songwriter and producer under the name O/RIOH.

One of the recipients for the growth layer and talent development, is the new Aarhus-based festival for experimental music, Alter. In 2022, Alter will operate under the theme “Connection”, and wants to focus on the meeting between different musical scenes – not only at the festival in 2022, but during the whole year.

“We at Alter are very grateful for the support from Music City Aarhus 2022, which can help our ambition of creating a strengthened platform for music and art that is playful, experimental, and challenging in nature. With this financial support, we can extend our activity beyond the festival, so we can gather and present experimental music and art throughout the whole year”, says Jeppe Hofmeister Berg, artistic director at Alter.

Music City Aarhus 2022’s second programme for new collaborative projects between established musical actors in Aarhus, have also been characterized by a high artistic level, innovation and diversity. “There were many exciting applications in the first round. In the next one, we hope to see more innovative projects in the rhythmic genre, particularly pop and rock”, says member of the curatorial group, Bo Andersen, who is the owner and director of booking- and management agency Scandinavian. The next round of applications is open from February 1st to March 1st 2022.



Programme 1: Strengthening of the growth layer and talent development

    • Alter – Alter 2022
    • Lydmagasinet – Seismograf i Aarhus 2022 – Byen og den nye lyd 
    • Anne Sophie Andersen/Cecilie Beck Kronborg/Daisy Payero – Seasons
    • Foreningen Giber Å Kulturdage – Giber Å Kulturdage
    • Jonas Stampe – Pakistan/Aarhus (med Hurraura Forening) og Snöleopardens Samspilshold
    • Currant Resonance – HOT
    • MALMØ – The Inevitable End
    • NJYD og Anna Katrin Egilstrøđ – Recollections in the Abandoned Sea
    • OUTPUT Aarhus – Output Winter Concerts, No 01, 02 og 03
    • Blikflak – Blikflak præsenterer
    • Aarhus Volume – Vækstlaget står sammen
    • Sophia Sagaradze – Hear the touch
    • Account The Beat – Talk om lyrik og metal på Radar
    • Total Hip Replacement + Anyankofo (GH) – Interkulturel koncerttour på skoler og lokalcentre i Aarhus

Programme 2: Strengthening of new collaborative projects between established musical actors in Aarhus

    • Blood Sweat Drum + Bass meets Soweto Kinch – Multimediashow
    • Jazzselskabet Aarhus & Erlings Øl- og Jazzbar – Jazz in Generations
    • TONE SPRING – Et spiseritual ind i ensomhed 
    • Aarhus Sinfonietta – The Inevitable End
    • Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Aarhus Musikskole, Teaterhuset Filuren, Aarhus Symfoniorkester, Den Jyske Opera, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium og Musikhuset Aarhus – børnemusikfestivalen KAZOO
    • Radar – Else Marie Pade Legacy
    • Aarhus Jazz Orchestra & Bazarjazz – Bazarjazz 2022: Aarhus Jazz Orchestra x Kalaha
    • Blikflak – Aarhus Lydkunstfestival 2022
    • Lydenskab sammen med Aarhus Jazz Orchestra, Aarhus Sinfonietta og Musikhuset Aarhus – En Symfoni til Aarhus
    • Aarhus Vocal Festival – MusiCamino

* Some of the recipients are not included in this list, because they are not yet ready for disclosure.

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