Music City Aarhus 2022 is a collaborative project across the many layers of Aarhus’ musical life, business life, different Danish municipalities, region and state. That is why our motto is “Let’s Come Together”. There are many potentials and possibilities for collaborations centering around music, and everyone is invited to take part. Learn more below.

Photography by Charlotta de Miranda




Music City Aarhus 2022 is all about strengthening the narrative about and around the musical life of Aarhus. Therefore, we encourage alle musical actors in the city to take part in the brand of Music City Aarhus 2022 and engage in our storytelling.


Our logo can be downloaded and used freely, and we will be happy to receive stories and information about concerts and musical experiences in Aarhus to feature on our social platforms.


As a musical player with a project that might take place in 2022, it is possible to apply for funding in one of our two programmes.


If you are interested in other kinds of partnerships with or within the year of Music City Aarhus 2022, please do not hold back. Reach us at for any inquiries.



One of the finest tasks of Music City Aarhus 2022 is to connect people, projects, organisations and locations and facilitate new and meaningful collaborations centering around music.


The potentials are many. If you want to know how your workplace, organisation, institution etc. can join a collaboration, please reach out on



If you like music, Music City Aarhus 2022 is your year. The city will be packed with concerts and music events throughout the year.


To keep on track with what is going on, follow our social media and check out the platforms of all the amazing musical actors in the city.



Music City Aarhus 2022 aims at exploring and developing new ways to create meaningful, valuable and sustainable collaborations between the musical life and the business sector. We put relevant parties together and match organisations across sectors that might have common interests.


If you wish to receive more information about the possibility of joining a collaboration centering around music, please send us an email on


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