Let's Come Together

The official opening of Music City Aarhus 2022


12pm - 7pm

Various locations in the heart of Aarhus

Music is uniting. It’s an invisible bond that occurs between people and makes them belong together, joined in the same experience. Collective ecstasy, shared chills, and the feeling of being a part of something bigger when everybody sing along the chorus.
The community around the music is one of the things that defines Aarhus. Therefore we open the city’s music year under the title Let’s Come Together. Open your ears and join us when we gather around the music at this very special opening day. A rich program of various experiences are ready for you. For instance, discover
Concerts along a music walk in the centre of the city
The official opening concert Songs from the City at Bispetorvet.
Historical city walks to the legendary music spots in the city
One day festival at The Royal Acedamy of Music
Music at the local people’s houses
We are looking forward to celebrating the music year of Aarhus with you!

What you can experience along the music walk

All events along the music walk are free

Lydsporet fra en by

Bispetorvet at 5pm

Future artists interpret songs by the musical legends of the city.

AGGi DiX, Asbjørn, DAYYANI, Dopha, Emil Johannesen (Zar Paulo), iomfro, JJ Paulo, JOSVA, Kajsa Vala, Sarah Wichmann (Rigmor), Simon Olsen (BAEST) and Thøger Dixgaard together with The Antonelli Orchestra

From Aarhus Central Station to Bispetorvet

Punk at Scandic Hotels. Hiphop at Salling Rooftop. Jazz at the theater Svalegangen. Roots & hybrids at Øst for Paradis. Jazz improvisation at Gender Museum.

Explore the diverse music life along the music walk.

a walking tour of music landmarks

Feel the music history on a city walk to some of the many musical landmarks in the city.

Photo: Svend Andersen

See also

Award-winning jazz for children and families at Dokk1

* Note: Admission fee at this event

One day festival at the Royal Academy of Music

music at the local people's houses


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